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Owner of Noble Minds, LLC
& the Writer Sandaled Shaman

A bit about myself, I grew up moving throughout the country. I was born in New Mexico and Virginia is home, but I currently reside in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It has been a life long dream to run my own business. Honestly I thought it would be a bookstore, but this work is unbelievably fulfilling. I was raised with the belief that we all carry the answers within us. I would like the opportunity to help remind yourself of this truth. I truly appreciate your interest in my services. I look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

Deirdre Aragon, the Sandaled Shaman

After my ex-husband moved out of our house, I found myself sitting in my new bedroom with a lamp and mattress on the floor. It was a scene straight out of A&E’s Intervention. Right then I looked at my dog and said, “We have to get off the f*cking floor.” That is exactly what we did. I made a commitment in that moment to keep moving forward. My journey has not been easy and it is far from over. I surrendered to filling my heart, so that I may fill my life. I recognized my purpose is to help others in similar situations. I see us all traveling a road together, sometimes we stall out, sometimes we need new directions, and many times we breakdown. Regardless of where you are at, I am here to get you back on your spiritual path. Consider me AAA for the body, mind, and soul.

My sessions and programs are designed to jump start those who are feeling stuck or uncertain in their lives. I utilize personally proven wellness techniques and tools for this process. When you are searching for the next step or you find yourself sitting on the floor not knowing what to do I will be a companion on your journey. Stop debating your next move and reignite yourself with me.

Methods Include

Regression Hypnosis

Energy Healing Modalities

Life Coaching

Holistic Wellness Practices

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